Vision Express launch investigation after giving misleading advice

Following an eye test at Vision Express, I was informed that although my level of myopia had not changed, there was a very small degree of astigmatism in one eye that was not corrected for in my current glasses. I was then passed from the optician to the sales team, who asked me if I would like to buy new glasses. I chose not to because I was happy with my current frames and there was no difference in prescription in terms of the strength of the lenses required. I informed the salesperson of my decision and was told that this was my choice but that my eyesight would “get worse” (the salesperson was not specific about how) if I did not buy new glasses that were corrected for astigmatism.

I wrote to Vision Express to ask for the evidence behind this claim and was pleasantly surprised by the response I received:

"I can confirm that there is currently no clinical evidence that would suggest that your vision would deteriorate if you were not wearing the most up to date prescription. The exception to this is for children under the age of eight."

The reply from Vision Express went on to say that a full investigation will be carried out at the store I visited and training given if required.

If you've seen a similar claim and want to Ask for Evidence you can find out how to here:

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