Advertisement that shows junk food (turkey Twizzlers' etc and says we don't feed this to children so what do we find it to dogs?  says that kibble food is junk food and their reconstituted food is healthier.

Pure Pet Food claims

Claim made by: Pure Pet Food
Location: Facebook advert
Spotted on: 2019-08-17

Claim from a dog food company that their 'human grade' food is healthier than kibble. They also claim that feeding dogs kibble is the equivalent of human junk food.

Update 2019-08-18

Hi Louise

As a small but growing company we're not in a position to produce studies. Within pet food the only companies that can do this are the large multinationals (Mars, Nestle etc.)
Although we do have a number of vets that advocate our foods and low processed diets in general. Our foods have also been formulated by nutritionists, vets and are fully audited and regulated.
We conducted a survey on a 1000 of our customers and ask them the benefits they saw in their dog since switching to a low Pure. The survey results were as follows -
94% saw an improvement in overall weight
86% saw an improvement in appetite
94% improved digestion
88% saw an improvement in coat condition

We've also had 1000's of success stories which you can find on the link below -

Our videos are highlighting the fact that a number of kibble manufacturers include highly processed fillers which are not beneficial for a dog. I would suggest looking at some of the following talks and research -

Ted Talk -
Pet Fooled -
Raw feeding vet society -
Dr Karen Becker -

Great to hear your dog is happy and healthy and I hope this helps 🙂


It's nonsense

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