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Claim made by: Coseva TRS
Location: Facebook
Spotted on: 2019-07-26

My daughter has speech delay so I joined some Facebook parent support groups to see what’s worked for others and have been horrified to find people recommend something called TRS (toxin removal system - I think). It seems to be a kind of Chelation therapy, people are giving it to their children in the belief it will cure or stop autism behaviours and developmental issues. The company behind it is Coseva, and it seems to be an MLM as I’ve noticed some people passively trying to sell the stuff to vulnerable anxious parents. Anyway, the claims are ridiculous, and i just wondered if it’s even legal to sell and recommend for giving to children?

Update 2019-07-27

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Sense About Science

Hi Rosie

Thanks for logging this. One of the most effective things you can do is Ask for Evidence behind the claims they've made.

Please let us know how it goes by updating your log.

Best wishes


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