Lyme Update

Claim made by: A Facebook friend who has "Chronic Lyme" disease or PTLDS
Location: Social media
Spotted on: 2019-07-20

I know a few people with Lyme disease. In recent discussions they have been focused on Borrelia transmission from other blood sucking insects (besides ticks). I realize that this goes against current U.S. CDC guidelines. My friends realize this too. Does you know of any peer- reviewed studies indicating confirmed transmission of Lyme spirochetes from mosquitoes, bed bugs, lice, etc to humans? I am able to find research that identifies Borrelia in other blood sucking insects - but nothing about actual transmission from those insects to humans. Looking for peer reviewed, research on the topic.

Update 2019-07-25

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Sense About Science

Hi Leah

I don't have any information that might help you answer this question as I'm not an expert in the area. A start to answering your question could be to ask for the evidence behind the current US CDC guidelines.

If you do, please let us know how you get on!

Best wishes


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