Detox juice in Wellcome cafe

Claim made by: Wellcome Collection cafe
Location: Wellcome Collection cafe, Euston, London
Spotted on: 2014-12-13

Juice labelled as "Detox" (kale, celery & apple)

Update 2014-12-16

Dear Harriet,

Thank you for your comment on the 14th December regarding the "Detox" juice. As you quite rightly pointed out the café is run by a contracted-out organisation (Benugo) which I represent. Firstly let me apologise if we have "rubbed you up the wrong way" as you put it. It was not our attention to boost sales by providing a juice with a "sciencey sounding name", its more about providing guests with an easy way to order the drink. I would not want to get into a debate with you about the detox properties of this juice, or kale and celery and I certainly have no evidence to support any such claims. To be honest it did not occur to us that the name may convey that this drink had those properties, it was merely the name used by the creator of the recipe that we use. Obviously this is not a good enough excuse and just highlights the lack of thought we put into the process of naming the drink. We are searching for a suitable replacement name and in the meantime have removed the "Detox" label from the drink. I hope this is a satisfactory resolution to your query.


Thomas Lee

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