Screenshot of part of the claims made by Cellfood DNA / RNA 30ml liquid


Claim made by: Tesco Direct / NutriCentre / Cellfood
Location: Tesco Direct's website
Spotted on: 2014-11-25

That 30ml of nucleic acids, ATP and some methyl groups can remethylate the bits of your DNA where methyl groups might have fallen off due to aging. (And that doing so can extend your life).

Update 2015-04-22

1 December 2014
I've received a courteous reply from Customer Service at Tesco (1 December 2014) highlighting that the product is not Tesco branded so they wouldn't have any info on its scientific evidence, and that I should ask the manufacturer (which I will do). I've replied that since Tesco is selling the product on their Tesco Direct website that might count as 'marketing' so they might want to be aware of what they're saying about their vials of DNA methylators.

About four changes to the website have been made since I set up the tracker - none to do with the advertising text I'm complaining about, all changes related to special offers, use of cookies and some alternative text to show if the page crashes (we thought they'd taken it down, but no joy).

28 November 2014
Automatic response received on 28 November 2014


It's nonsense

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Jo Brodie

I've asked Tesco for more information to support the claims made, Jo.


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