Clairvoyance by targ

Claim made by: Russel Targ
Location: Internet, the banned "TED" talk discussions with friends.
Spotted on: 2014-09-05

Russel Targ claims that they did experiments which conclusively proved clairvoyance and other 'psi' phenomena/behaviours. The scientific community calls him a pseudoscientist, but he (and his supporters) merely say that the other scientists have motives for not wanting to believe in those things which are actually true.

What is really the case here? What is happening? We have scientists arguing between them (Targ himself is a physicist), who can help us choose which of the experts are true?

The claim, I guess, is that Targ claims to have proven that clairvoyance not only exists, but is scientifically/statistically consistent that can/should/has been used for police/military purposes, and so on.

Update 2014-11-08

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