White noise and breast cancer risks

On 2nd October 2014, there was a double page spread in the Daily Mirror on “13 ways to cut your risk of breast cancer”. The article included insights from medical research charities and breast cancer experts. They gave evidence-based advice, like exercising regularly. But alongside them and given equal weight were unfounded claims, including comments from a nutrition coach with no medical training about avoiding plastic bottles. And the article included the contradictory statement that there is not clear evidence for the danger of plastic, but to avoid it anyway, which is really unhelpful.

When presented with so many claims, it can be confusing and stressful. And it has real consequences when the useful health advice is lost in the white noise.

The simple question many people have is “Should I be worried?” We know that worry over breast cancer risks causes anxiety and stress. This list of 13 risks just adds to it. It even tells you to “de-stress”! What we need is help navigating these claims – see our guides about understanding evidence, and Ask for Evidence.

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