Flyer claiming supplement could cure cancer taken down and reported

I spotted a flyer in my local leisure centre which made numerous claims about a super food supplement which can help to overcome many medical conditions. This pill can supposedly “beat stress-related illnesses by eliminating the serious effects of today’s No. 1 Enemy to good health - raised cortisol levels and chromosome damage.” The flyer claims to be based on “stunning Nobel prize-winning research”.

Even more alarmingly, the flyer claims that this new Super Food Supplement can help you overcome, among other things, cancer. In the United Kingdom, it is illegal to advertise cancer treatments under the Cancer Act (1939).

The flyer contains no information as to what the pill contains or how it actually works. There is no actual scientific data or any references to peer reviewed articles. I have asked for evidence from the company named on the flyer and I have also asked the Leisure Centre to remove this and any future advertising that is not based on reliable evidence. I have also reported this breach of the Cancer Act to Trading Standards.

The claims on it seem beyond ridiculous however, sadly I know that many people could fall for the claims made.

*** UPDATE ***

I've heard back from the leisure centre and they have removed the flyer - they say it was put up without their consent. They've also assured me that they will be checking to ensure no similarly non-evidence based advertising slips through the net. I've still not been able to get in touch with the company behind the flyer. The email address doesn't work and the telephone number just goes through to the answerphone...

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