Snags: what we're working on

Thanks to all of you who have been visiting and using the site since we went live on Monday. Inevitably with a new site like this, there are going to be a few technical snags and things we'll need to work on.

If you get stuck or spot something wrong, tweet @senseaboutsci or email me.

Here's a list of know issues we're working on/ have fixed, which I'll keep updated over the next few days.

UPDATE 06/11/14 Repeated content (This should be fixed; let us know if you're still seeing it)

New articles that load when scrolling down the page are 'repeats' of what's come before rather than all previous posts; we're working to resolve this!

500 Errors (These are getting less frequent; please keep the reports coming)

UPDATE 06/11/14 This should now be fixed; please do let us know if you get it.

The developers are working on this one. If you are getting a 500 error at any point you might need to clear you cache to get the site working again straight away.

If you get any error, it would be a great help if you could let us know, telling us: what you clicked to get the error, what device you're using, the operating system (eg Windows 8, OSX 10 etc) and browser (eg Chrome, Firefox).

'Infinite' scroll

The homepage should keep scrolling and scrolling so that you see new content beyond the first few articles.

If this isn't happening for you, let us know what device you're using and the operating system (eg Windows 8, OSX 10 etc) and browser (eg Chrome, Firefox).

Some are also finding it hard to click the bar that appears at the bottom of the page with Facebook/ Twitter links etc before it 'disappears'; we're working to fix this.

Emails not arriving

To confirm your Ask for Evidence login you need to verify your address; if you haven't been sent an email to do this after you've created an account, let us know. Check your spam folder in case it is there.

Typos, eg:

Oh dear. We'll change the URL shortly as well and 'Brian Gym' will be gone. If anyone else spots a typo please do say.

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