Pret A Manger questioned on their policy to “shun obscure chemicals”

Pret A Manger customer called helpline to point out that all food is made of chemicals.

Alice Tuff called the Pret A Manger customer helpline to point out that all food is made of chemicals, after seeing one of their leaflets suggesting they “shun obscure chemicals”.

I am frustrated by this belief that a naturally derived chemical is better for you than a synthetically derived one, when in reality there is no difference. I wanted to talk to Pret A Manger. Every time I go there for a sandwich I am handed its leaflet Good Stuff which tells me that Pret ‘shun the obscure chemicals’. I called the customer helpline to ask what ‘obscure chemicals’ are. Pret told me: ‘We don’t use any chemicals to preserve, or to avoid any insects upon [our food], it’s all natural. I pointed out all food is made of chemicals – so Pret must have chemicals in its food.

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