Oral-B "smart" toothpaste

In a TV advert for an Oral-B toothpaste, Countdown’s Rachel Riley explains that Pro-Expert is a ‘Smart Toothpaste’ because ‘it adapts to the specific issues in your mouth’.

According to the two male boffins in the ad, Pro-Expert contains ‘Stannous Fluoride Complex’, ‘a unique ingredient’ that’s ‘like having five specialist toothpastes in one’. Allegedly, if you have plaque or gum problems, ‘Oral-B will adapt to that and reduce it’. If you have stains or enamel erosion, ‘it will adapt to take care of that’.

For me, this isn’t a proper explanation of how this miraculous toothpaste works, or why it’s any better or different to using a regular toothpaste. Since this premium product costs far more than regular toothpastes, I feel we deserve a proper explanation.

A tweet to @OralB_UK fell on deaf ears, but I got a reply to my first email within minutes. I was told: ‘The product is called a Smart Toothpaste because each of these conditions [plaque, gingivitus (sic), sensitivity, enamel and whitening] requires a different chemical reaction. The Stannous Fluoride Complex in Oral-B Pro Expert is able to adapt to deliver these interactions and address these issues.’

This doesn’t really say any more than the advert, so I have replied asking for specific evidence to support the claims. Watch this space!

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