Finitro Forte Plus joint and cartilage pills

Looking for evidence about Finitro Forte Plus? Peter asked the company for the evidence behind their claim - here's his story.

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I saw an advertisement in which Finitro claimed that their "joint maintenance" product, Finitro Forte Plus, "keeps joints flexible; is good for strong bones; supports the lubrication of joints; helps in maintaining cartilage; (good) for the production and development of cartilage; has a soothing effect".

I asked Finitro to provide evidence to support these claims and any references to peer-reviewed scientific journals.

I received a reply the following day in which their spokesperson admitted that there were no data to support the product as a whole, but that there were "plenty of studies on the Net and in encyclopaedias about each component of Finitro Forte Plus".

Interestingly, she did cite a reference to an abstract of a double-blind study in Science about one of the components, type II collagen, which showed it to be better than placebo in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Strangely, they do not make any claims for the treatment of RA in their advert: just the claims as listed above. I understand from the evidence they sent me that at best the other components will do you no harm.

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