Confusing response for 'Bowen technique' as a treatment for Crohn's disease

I have Crohn’s disease, amongst other chronic health problems, and am sick of people telling me of the supposed efficacy of the numerous quack remedies being sold and touted as wonder-treatments and cure-alls. One of these is the Bowen Technique.

Several people have told me they have been ‘cured’ by Bowen Technique (which appears to be a cross between rubbing and manipulating certain parts of the body), or that they have been ‘prevented from being ill’ by it. I contacted the Bowen Technique after reading the outrageous claims made on their website - that the Bowen Technique improves circulation, lymphatic and venous drainage and helps nutrient absorption - and asked for evidence of these claims.

I got a reply saying, ‘We are sure you are already aware that there is a plethora of high quality research data available on the internet relating to the Bowen Technique, a substantial amount of which has already been sent to the A.S.A.’. Yet they failed to provide any of this evidence or say if the evidence available was peer-reviewed. The nameless respondent also stated that the ASA had told them there are ‘no problems with the website’. Their respondent also seemed confused about what evidence-based medicine is, and asked me to provide evidence as to what it is; which, for me, says everything. After replying, I am still waiting to hear back from them.


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