Ask for Evidence on migraine claims

"Do chocolate and cheese cause migraine?  Is it true that taking painkillers makes migraine worse?  Would many years of severe migraine attacks cause brain damage in later life?  There are a lot of myths about migraine, and it is only with evidence based information that people with migraine can make informed choices about managing their health condition." – Susan Haydon, the Migraine Trust

Lots of people have been asking doctors, charities, pharmacists and lifestyle commentators for the evidence behind their claims for the causes and treatments of migraine symptoms. With the help of Ask for Evidence partners the Migraine Trust we've been making sense of these claims. To find out which claims are evidence-based and which are migraine myths, click here (PDF) to read a Q&A on pages 12/13 produced with the Migraine Trust.

Image by 19melissa68 (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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