Ask for Evidence goes to the seaside

This summer we have seen the Ask for Evidence campaign brought to a country show in Bath, a research festival on the Isle of Man, local radio in Aberdeen, business breakfasts in Cornwall, and a flower show in Somerset.

It was also visited the Great British seaside with the Thyroid Trust on a volunteer walk. Alex joined the walk along the beautiful Kent coast from Broastairs to Ramsgate.

Check out the calendar to see what's happening near you!

Before we begin on the seafront at Broadstairs
On the coastal path at Broadstairs

On the way we discussed claims on a whole host of Thyroid issues but also ranging from the effectiveness of shampoo and conditioners, to the impact of local governments policies.

Up on the cliffs somewhere between Broadstairs and Ramsgate
Final Ask for Evidence shoutout before heading home!

If you'd like to hear more about Ask for Evidence events near you then take a look at the calendar.

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