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When asked what my favourite part of doing Ask for Evidence events was I found it an easy and difficult question because I love it all. There are four main elements: preparation, delivery, questions, and general chit chat after the event. Preparation takes the longest (usually 6 times the length of the talk). I love that part; I use very few words on slides, instead I use pictures as prompts and to tell a story.

My first talk as an ambassador was at a venue that didn’t have PowerPoint facilities, so I had to just talk. That took longer to prepare; without pictures the words had to have more power. It was at a Penzance business networking event, so I knew the audience and was able to tailor the presentation to their needs. I’m pleased to say it went well. When you see people looking at you with their full attention it gives you a great buzz. I loved chatting about being an ambassador afterwards over coffee.

A contrast was the online presentation I gave to the Woking branch of the University of the Third Age. This was out of my geographic area and out of my comfort zone. Without body language the slides and spoken words had to work hard. However, when I turned off the screen share and saw the audience had enjoyed the presentation again it was a great buzz. As I had expected, the question and answer session was very lively. I love the thrill of the unexpected. So, my favourite, favourite part - engaging with a diverse range of people.

Edward Chapman is an Ask for Evidence ambassador in Cornwall and recovering Chartered Accountant who now enjoys life as a trail runner, writer, speaker and coach. Edward enjoys encouraging people to look at information critically and working out whether claims, particularly about running and nutrition, are based on good evidence or hype.

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