Dolphin Safe Tuna chunk from Lidl NiXe

Claim made by: Lidl NiXe
Location: In Lidl supermarket
Spotted on: 2019-01-07

I saw whilst doing my after-work shop that Nixe Pole & Line Caught Tuna Chunks in Brine is dolphin safe.

I couldn't find NiXe online but as I understand it is owned by Lidl so I sent Lidl customer service an email asking how they ensure the tuna in the tin is dolphin safe.

Update 2019-01-17

Dear Mr Clegg,

Re: Nixe Pole & Line Caught Tuna Chunks in Brine

Firstly I wish to thank you for taking the time to provide us with your valuable feedback.

In order for us to carry out a full and comprehensive investigation we would be grateful if you could please provide the following:

• Full product details including the barcode number, lot numbers and Best Before / Use By Date. If you are unsure of what information to provide please send the product packaging or clear photocopies/photographs.
• Date of purchase
• Store you purchased the product


Hi Sean

Thank you for replying!

I've attached some photos of the product, hopefully with the relevant information on.

I did not actually purchase the product but I saw it in Surrey Quays Lidl.



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