NHS poster campaign

Claim made by: Jeremy Hunt
Location: Daily Telegraph
Spotted on: 2014-10-15

A poster campaign by the NHS will change how doctors and nurses treat patients .

Update 2014-11-19

When I saw that Jeremy Hunt was starting a poster campaign to raise awareness of how much errors and poor care cost the NHS, I wanted to know if there was evidence that a poster campaign would change how doctors and nurses treat patients. I asked the Department of Health whether the effect of these posters been trialled, and for any evidence on how effective such a campaign is likely to be when compared with other measures to improve patient care.

Although the Department initially directed me to Conservative party headquarters for a reply, they eventually replied to say:

“Evidence gathered from the NHS reference costs data (2012-13) and other sources shows that avoidable harms in hospital are highly costly for the NHS, and often increase a patient’s hospital stay. We believe that it is important for NHS staff to be aware of this evidence, and to highlight the value and benefits of safer care.

“Feedback from NHS colleagues suggests that often the best way to reach busy staff is through traditional communications methods that are visible, accessible, and impactful. This poster/leaflet was tested with chief nurses to ensure it resonates.

“The leaflet/poster forms part of the wider Sign up to Safety campaign, which uses a range of methods to raise awareness of the impact and potential benefits of tackling avoidable harm. 130 NHS organisations have now joined the campaign, following its launch earlier this year.”

It's hard to see from this whether there's any evidence on how these posters will affect how doctors and nurses treat patients.

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