Red Wine Acne Treatment Spot On

Claim made by: The Independent
Location: The Independent

Red Wine is an effective treatment for Acne

Update 2014-10-31

"A recent spate of articles seems to suggest that a chemical in red wine, resveratrol, could be used to treat acne. Headlines such as 'Red Wine Could Hold Key To Acne Cure' from The Drinks Business could lead people to believe that a glass of your favourite tipple might improve your complexion. While the headline 'Now, drink wine to hold back acne' from The Business Standard, explicitly says so. I contacted Yang Yu, a co-author of the study, to see whether her work actually backs up these claims. She told me that they were not actually evaluating the impact of drinking red wine, but instead the looked at resveratrol in direct contact with the skin. As such there is no evidence that drinking red wine would have any beneficial effect on acne. After contacting the papers, The Independent acknowledged that people might be mislead by the article and amended its piece." - See more at:


It's nonsense

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