Gold-flecked gloves make your skin look younger

Claim made by: Proskins Ltd
Location: Femail Magazine
Spotted on: 2014-08-27

A new pair of commercial gloves supposedly contain “minute particles of 24-carat gold that are bound to molecules of hyaluronic acid” that “helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by improving the skin’s ability to absorb and retain moisture [...] with a visible effect after wearing them for just seven days or nights”.

Update 2014-10-30

I received a reply from the Proskins sales department forwarding me the information available on their website at the page "The science" (
The page reports a number of graphs and histograms as well as a video in which a woman shows how her hands benefitted from wearing the gloves. I am still not convinced because, besides a typo on the word oxidants which I couldn't help noticing and made me slightly suspicious about the general accuracy of the information reported, the graphs are vague and not really supporting the claim.


It's nonsense

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