Wind Farm

Wind farms and house prices

Claim made by: Newspaper article
Location: Daily Telegraph article
Spotted on: 2013-10-31

Wind farms can knock

Update 2014-10-30

"While reading the Daily Telegraph I spotted an article claiming that wind farms can knock ‘tens of thousands of pounds off the value of nearby homes’. The article was very specific saying a nearby wind turbine can 'knock eight per cent off average home value'. The figure was attributed to Philip Selway, a partner at The Buying Solution. I decided to contact Philip and see where this figure had come from. Was it a report that his company had published and if so did it look at properties across the whole of the UK or just in a certain region?"

Philip got back to me straight away to say that when he spoke to the journalist at the Daily Telegraph he was clear to emphasise this was “a subjective view based on no factual evidence other than my own observations”. He also pointed out that the company he works for only operates in the south east of England on properties worth over a million pounds."

So it seems that despite appearances the Daily Telegraph article was based on completely anecdotal evidence.


It's nonsense

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